Todd Benson's 1971 Opel GT
Construction Project

Status as of June 1, 1998

In this view you can see how the loop is tied into the link-mounts.
The sheetmetal behind the loop has been built-up with eigth-inch plate.

Looking forward you can see we didn't leave much room for a clutch-pedal.
There is hardly enough room for both feet..!

The Mustang II front suspension would have been too wide. So we needed a custom unit fabricated.
We found Jim Meyer, of Lincoln City, Oregon. His shop did this work for us.
It bolts-up to the stock mounting holes. The swaybar required some cutting to the bellypan, however.

The Steering-linkage needed to make some radical bends to clear the block and headers.
These links and U-joints are made by Flaming River.

What you see is the top of the coil-over shock and the upper shock-mount, through the stock access hole.

The location of the turbo is curently temporary. I bought another motor: a Buick 3.8L fuel-injected unit.
I will build one engine from the combo. It will be a fuel-injected, turbocharged baaad muther!

With the fuel-injection, we can have a lower over-all hood heigth.
This scoop was high enough to clear the carb's aircleaner and the turbo.
This was only a cardboard mock-up anyway..!

This look will change!
The scoop will be different, and we're going to remove the center scoops (between the headlights, now taped-over.)
The front sits lower with her new custom suspension.

With the fuel-cell filled, it will sit much lower.
The interior, seats, etc. will also serve to bring the rear down.

My brother Joel and I check the Tire Clearance around the fenders...
These wheels are also temporary. These are some un-cool wheels!

Joel is measuring for the Tire Offset requirement of our new wheels to best fill the fenders...

Day dreaming of the day I get to drive my money-pit...!

There will be more photos added as they're shot and made available.
Oh Joy! What Fun!
Check back later to see the project as it progresses, again...

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Jack bought an Epson PhotoPC600 Digital Camera.
The quality of the photos herein has been greatly improved as a result.

Todd Benson
2226 S.E. Tacoma St.
Portland, Oregon 97202

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