Todd Benson's 1971 Opel GT
Construction Project

Status as of: February 23,1999

I was going to use this motor but it's for a front wheel drive car and the intake manifold sits backwards putting the throttlebody against the firewall. Anybody want to buy a motor? I need an '87 Buick Regal motor with fuel injection, turbocharger and intercooler.

This view is under the car looking forward. At top center you can see the hand crafted motor mounts. Most of the parts under here have yet to be painted.

Most of these parts can be found at your local parts store with the exception of the tubular A-arms and crossmember. The rotor & caliper and the rack & pinion are Chevy, the ball joints are VW.

Brand new brake calipers!!! But they will be powder coated to show up behind the new wheels. I have'nt got the wheels just yet. I have'nt even decided on what style to go with.

My '71GT project took another step. A new floor pan and rollbar. We had some help from Dave Henderson, a race car builder in Wilsonville, Oregon. Using his equipment, we first took some measurements for the rollbar, cut the 1 5/8" tubing, and TIG welded it in.

We used 1/8" plate for the floor mounts and ran the braces back to the shock mount bar.

This is where we will put the fuel cell. It's deep enough for a 16 to 20 gallon tank!

Well, my '74 Manta finally died. It served me well and made me some money. Time for a new car. I found this '73 GT in the paper for $900 OBO. When I went by to check it out I was amazed. It had a newly rebuilt motor, new alt, starter, battery, hoses, tires.... the works!!!

The interior is in great shape with new carpets, seat vinyl, headliner, and dash pad. In a word....BEAUTIFUL. I asked the owner about any problems it might have. "No Brakes" "Bummer.Will you take $700?" "SOLD". What A Deal!!!

That's all I've got so far but there will be even more photos added as they're shot and made available.
Oh Joy! What Fun!
Check back later to see the project as it progresses, some more...

Jack bought an Epson PhotoPC600 Digital Camera.
The quality of the photos herein has been greatly improved as a result.

Todd Benson
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